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Our Hole in the Wall: An Oral History of the CBGB Scene

"When we started building CBGB’s as a place to play, it was because there was no [other] place to play for people like us. There was no place in New York City in 1973 for a poet improvising with a guitar player and a piano player. The only things there were were maybe some gay cabarets that were really too sophisticated."- Patti Smith. Read on for more first hand accounts from pivotal artists who built the CBGB scene from the ground up....

10 Classic Moments that helped define the birthplace of punk

"10 Classic Moments that helped define the birthplace of punk" Fotrty-one years have passed since iconic music club CBGB (aka the undisputed birthplace of punk) opened its doors. And even though only a handful of artifacts remain at the site of the club that once hosted music legends including the Ramones, Patti Smith, Blondie, Guns N’ Roses and Talking Heads, let’s look back at the memories that will forever remain at 315 Bowery in New York City....