CBGB History: Punk Mag Benefit Concert 40 Years Ago Today

On this day in 1977, Richard Hell, The Dead Boys, Patti Smith, David Johansen and more played at CBGB for a Punk (magazine) benefit concert.

"The nicest thing Hilly did for PUNK Magazine was to host our 1977 benefit. Virtually every band in the scene (except the Ramones, who were on tour) performed over two weekday nights, and the total take (around $2,000--good money in the 1970s) enabled us to publish PUNK #10 and stay in business for another year or two. He was too cheap to take out an ad, but that was his business decision to make. (Although I still think it would have been cooler if he had backed us; we might have stayed in business!)" - John Holmstrom, founder & editor



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